Reality Check

As I am sure you know, sometimes life gets in the way of our best laid plans. I was on a roll with my running routine…feeling great and making progress. Then it hit our house like a ton of bricks…the dreaded stomach bug. Ugh! There’s nothing like a good old fashioned stomach bug to completely throw a wrench in your workout routine. So, this week has been a bit rough. The good news is, my son and I got out for an early morning walk this morning. Everyone is healthy again and I have no doubt I will be back on my game this coming week!

On a lighter note, I am happy to report that I have returned to the cycling world again! I have not been on a bike in almost 3 years, thanks to my two pregnancies during that time. This past week (before the stomach bug hit us), we put the kids in a double bike trailer and took them on a ride on one of our local greenways. What a workout that was! There is something to be said for muscle memory, but it is still a challenge to get back into something after 3 years. While I towed the kids for a bit just to see what it felt like, my husband did the lion’s share of the work. Several other cyclists shouted words of encouragement as he rode by them. Pulling 50 pounds worth of kids in one of those trailers is no small task!

I only brought water and a supply of glucose tablets with me. It worked out fine, but looking back I probably should have brought a little more fuel. We didn’t go on a long ride, but it was VERY hot and quite hilly. As I mentioned in my last post, I often struggle with how to fuel for extended workouts. I usually bring either too much or too little…never just the right amount. The nice thing about training for an event (like the half marathon I am training for) is that you can practice fueling and really have it dialed in by race day. That’s not the case for the occasional excursion, but I do the best I can.

I’d love to know how other type 1 diabetics fuel for extended workouts. How do you dial in your insulin and balance your blood sugar? In my next post I plan to write about the insulin pump and CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) I use and how I dial in my insulin for early morning workouts…stay tuned.

Happy 4th of July!

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