Type 1 Diabetes & Our Love/Hate Relationship With Pizza

I love pizza. I LOVE it. It is my biggest culinary vice. I love deep dish, thin crust, and everything in between. Unfortunately, I also have type 1 diabetes. What is the deal with pizza and type 1 diabetes?! My blood sugar is nearly impossible to control after I eat pizza despite my best efforts, so I rarely eat a delectable little slice of heaven anymore.

My blood sugar tends to skyrocket about 4 hours after I eat pizza (which generally means bad things if I’ve had it for dinner because I’ll be sleeping when it rises). My insulin pump has a option to delay insulin delivery, and that helps, but I just cannot get it right. If you are one of the lucky ones that finds the right combination of delay and units of insulin, good for you! It’s a great option. It’s an ongoing trial and error process for me. I’ll find the right combination eventually! I’ve also tried making pizza. This, of course, is fun but did not translate into increased blood sugar control. It was still all wonky. Perhaps I didn’t use a diabetes-friendly recipe. I don’t know…

In my ongoing effort to solve this problem, I’ve found some articles and resources that I were very informative! If you’re curious, check them out and let me know what works for you!

Diabetes-friendly pizza recipes (I definitely plan to try these out…YUM!):


Articles about pizza’s effect on blood sugar levels:





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One thought on “Type 1 Diabetes & Our Love/Hate Relationship With Pizza

  1. Mine is Mac and Cheese. I love it, but I’m sure it hates me.

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